Employee Engagement

Employeee Engagement

To get the results you want from Lifecycle marketing you need to engage your employees to deliver the best customer experience.

To get your employees engaged in your marketing you need to define exactly who needs to be involved, in what way, and at what stage, then assign the appropriate tasks and responsibilities. This means that marketing activities will extend beyond the marketing department and become embedded across the business.

This will lead to marketing tasks being split between core activities, which will be carried out by the marketing department, and distributed activities that will be completed by the role or department best suited to deliver them.

Bring your whole team into the marketing department

Lifecycle marketing extends beyond the traditional model of just sales and marketing and will show you how different departments are integral to success in the digital age. To get employees on board and delivering on your retention of customer objectives you will also need to develop appropriate incentives.

Once you've identified who needs to be involved you can develop a cross-functional 'Customer Engagement Council' and the collaborative infrastructure needed for them to deliver content across integrated social media platforms.

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