Customer Advocacy


Businesses that deliver the right customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle see their customers become their advocates. A powerful tool with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association revealing that WOM is the primary factor in up to 50% of purchase decisions.

What can Customer Advocacy do for you?

Customer advocates are the customers that use your products and services and voluntarily recommend them to others. They engage with your content, commenting and sharing, and give their unbiased endorsement of your business.

It's long been recognised that word-of-mouth recommendations are the most powerful. Thanks to the advent of social media, those messages can spread much further. The customers that become advocates like to lead online discussions and bring new customers into the fold for you, so passionate do they become about your brand.

Customer Advocacy Strategies - Brand reputation

While customer advocacy can help your business deliver on many of its strategic objectives, such as lead generation and customer acquisition, they also have a very important role to play in developing your brand reputation.

Providing the content and the customer service that will turn those customers into advocates who will spread the word about how great your business is will be key to long-term online marketing success.

Customer Retention