ImproveBy including an Improve stage in your inbound marketing process, you'll ensure that your hard work gets results and turns leads into sales.

The Improve stage is when you continuously track, improve and grow your results. Using analytics and marketing automation software, you can find out how many people opened your emails, visited your blog and engaged with your Facebook page, for example. You'll find out what content is getting read - and, more importantly, if it's being read by the right people and if it's promoting the right messages.

On average, only 37.2% of companies use available or requested marketing analytics before a decision is madeCreate a positive cycle

Traditional marketing approaches often work in a very linear way. You use a one-off approach which requires you to repeat your efforts over and over again. With an effective inbound marketing strategy you can create a cycle of content structured to match your prospect's buying cycle and improve on results as you go along.

Turn ball park figures into business insight

Traditionally, marketing comes only with ballpark statistics about who's responded, the level of revenue generated, who might be happy to be contacted by your sales team and so on. But by using a structured inbound marketing strategy, you can precisely measure its draw, impact and effect on your bottom line, while it's live.