The Engage stage establishes a two-way relationship which helps to build knowledge of (and trust in) your products and/or services.

Now that you've created that content, it's time make sure it gets read by engaging with your prospects via:

  • Social media
  • Industry websites
  • Online communities
  • Forums
  • Internet PR channels.

What should engagement involve?

Nothing makes your company look like it doesn't care like half-filled in, out of date employee and company pages on LinkedIn or Facebook. It's worth spending time to set up and manage your company and employee social media profiles and groups as part of your inbound marketing strategy. You should then grow your networks by engaging every day online (via forums and owned communities) and offline (via events, conferences, and meet ups) with your prospects and peers.

View our Eloqua case studyPromoting your content via social media

Once you've joined the conversation, you can promote your blog and website content to your network. This should include blogger outreach, too - finding the right people to ask for guest blogging opportunities.

Press releases

The traditional press release is still a relevant way to engage with your target audience - in fact, it takes on new powers online. Crafting compelling news stories and distributing them to relevant and influential internet platforms is incredibly effective. You must ensure that your press release is optimised for search engine prominence and to encourage maximum sharing via social media.


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