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Creating content in a powerful inbound marketing strategy means mapping your customer's buying cycle and creating content to support that structure.

Welcome to behavioural targeted communications. This approach should follow three important stages:

  • Awareness: At this stage, you're aiming to get noticed by your prospects by targeting them with unique and compelling content. Because you've done your strategic listening, you know what business pains your prospects are suffering so you can create content that answers those needs.
  • Consideration: Now that your prospect has got to know you, what's going to turn them into someone who values what you have to say? This is where you start to draw the needs of the prospect closer together with the value of your product or service.
  • Decision: At the Decision stage, you are aiming to convert people from prospects into customers. Now that they trust you and value your expertise, you can demonstrate the value of your service and product. And because you can track and view exactly who is looking at which content on your website and social media networks, you can pass the hot leads straight onto your sales team.

Your content menu

To get your prospects salivating at every stage of the inbound marketing buying funnel, you need to work from a varied, but cleverly targeted, menu of content, which can include:

  • Emails: Interesting, engaging emails which answer your prospects' business pains and build rapport and trust.
  • Articles: Punchy and engaging articles to post on your blog and relevant business forums which offer a clear value to the reader.
  • eGuides: eGuides or white papers are a key part of your content management strategy. By using keyword and other research, you can create content that taps right into the interests and concerns of your target audience.
  • Infographics: The infographic is a powerful way to convey your message using images; which engages readers who aren't interested in reading blocks of text.
  • Webinars: Webinars are a popular way to give quick insight into a subject and engage your prospects with your team.
  • Videos: High quality videos consistently placed in the right arena at the right time can help to establish you as a thought leader.
  • Case studies: How do you encourage people to trust you? By showing them how much you've helped others.
  • Website content: Why develop exceptional Awareness and Consideration content - only for your website content to let you down? Your website content is a major part of your Decision content.

Behind every good inbound marketing strategy is a great team

Having the right skills within your team is vital. We know this from experience, having developed a team of content management mavens, including skilled designers, journalists and copywriters, as well as our community management team.

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