COS Design


£2000 - £4000

Our Basic HubSpot Migration package is perfect for businesses who have a limited budget, and are happy with their current website design and architecture but would like it moved from your current CMS such as WordPress, the HubSpot CMS, or Drupal to the HubSpot COS with the added touch of custom Smart CTA's.

Our migration services include:

  • Blog Migration
  • Landing/Conversion Page Migration
  • Thank You Page Migration
  • Form Migration
  • Email Migration
  • Custom Smart CTA Design

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£4000 - £6000

Our Premium HubSpot COS package is the ideal choice for businesses who are looking to move away from their existing design/platform to a new, responsive solution but don’t necessarily have the budget for a bespoke template. We have a wide range of high quality templates to choose from which will be customised to your brand, ensuring a highly polished and quality looking end result.

Our templates include:

  • Blog Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Thank You Page Template
  • Form Creation/Migration
  • Email Template
  • Custom Smart CTA Design
  • Social Media Integration

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£Get in touch

For those who are looking for the complete works: a custom, responsive website design built around your brand, fully optimised for the lead generation process and fully integrated into Hubspot to take advantage of all relevant features and functionality. The bespoke package is built around the individual needs of each client and is customisable to their requirements.

Our package includes:

  • Full customised, bespoke template
  • Bespoke Blog Template
  • Bespoke Landing Page Template
  • Bespoke Thank You Page Template
  • Bespoke Form Creation/Migration
  • Bespoke Email Template
  • Custom Smart CTA Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • CRM integration
  • Personalisation
  • Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing

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Our Approach to COS Design and Development

Hubspot’s COS is the first fully integrated website, blog and marketing automation system that is optimised for mobile devices out-of-the-box. Linking in to every marketing channel, the COS adapts to each viewer to provide a personalised and dynamic experience.

When you combine the power of the Hubspot COS with Tomorrow People’s passion for  design and making a website look good on any device then you get an end result that looks the part no matter where you are or whatever device you might be using.

Plus, as a Hubspot Platinum Partner, you know that when working with Tomorrow People you are working with folks who are built to deliver both inbound marketing and high quality COS web development.



Hubspot COS Design and development