Active listening is central to any effective content marketing strategy. Investigating and understanding what people are saying about your product or service is key.

What do you do if you’re looking for a new car? The chances are, you’ll ask other people what they think. Then you’ll hit the Internet, start doing a few searches, see what information is available and what other people have been saying. Guess what? Potential customers wanting to buy a product you supply are doing exactly the same.

People seek out informative content to help them arrive at a buying decision. We — you and us — come in with a content plan designed to fit the customer buying process. Instead of just producing selling content, we create information resources so that you educate potential customers and stay front-of-mind.

You need these three listening resources:

Marketing Personas

These are customer profiles, summarising and encapsulating the customers that you are targeting. You should be able to define the roles, characteristics and business pains of your personas, in order to effectively meet their needs.

Content marketing plan

A good content plan is interesting and engaging, but also smart. That means it follows the customer information-searching and buying cycle. It uses engaging Awareness level content to attract casual information-seekers, engages them in the Consideration stage and nurtures the lead through email content until they are at the buying Decision stage.

The technical resources

Attracting, nurturing and converting the right leads requires knowledge, expertise and technology. We use a range of tools for SEO analytics, inbound marketing, and social media management, meaning that we can effectively monitor conversation and identify lead-building opportunities for you.

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